West Jefferson Students Step Out on an Advanced Path through New Blended Learning Program

Students at West Jefferson High School were given an opportunity in November 2014 to participate in a special program to help them further their educational goals.

The program, called the AdvancePath Academy, provides students with a blended learning environment that uses tech-assisted coursework and a variety of learning experiences that meet students’ needs. Flexible scheduling, focus on one to two subjects at a time, and scheduled progress reviews help students stay on track to graduate from high school with a regular diploma.

Founder and CEO of AdvancePath John Murray said the program’s philosophy is based on the belief that all children can learn in the right environment. The West Jefferson program was designed specifically for students who may learn better in a non-traditional instructional environment.

At a recent open house held in early March, board members, district employees, parents, and community members were invited in for a first hand look at the program.

Student Jordan Mitchell was there to share his enthusiasm for his experiences with AdvancePath Academy.

“I wanted to take part because I have goals and want to graduate,“ he said. “I was really trying to get on task and stay focused. It’s a good environment and I’m very comfortable here.”

This program is a first for the Jefferson Parish Public School System with an enrollment of 130, said Michelle Blouin-Williams, acting superintendent.

“I gauge the success of this program by my students and I can say that I am very pleased thus far,” said Vanessa Brown-Lewis, principal of West Jefferson High School. “These students are ready to step into their next challenge – some are going to college and some are going into a career, but they are leaving here prepared.”

Watch the video above to hear from organizers, teachers, and students in the West Jefferson High program. Click here to see our photo album from the open house. You can also visit this link from the AdvancePath website to learn more about the academy at West Jefferson and its motto, “My Goal is Graduation.”