West Jefferson High School students aim for Guinness World Record

2016-04-30_06.54.16Students from West Jefferson High are teaming up with their peers from around the globe to promote a greener planet and possibly set a Guinness World Record.

During Earth Week 2016, West Jefferson High chemistry students  joined the Louisiana Chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) in a worldwide movement to bring attention to environmental stewardship and the need to reduce CO2 emissions. After several lessons and reflection periods led by chemistry teacher Kim Conner-Davis, the students prepared pledges on index cards about how they were going to change their lifestyles and commit to a greener Earth.


USGBC volunteers drove two electric cars, a Nissan Leaf and a Tesla Model S, to the West Jefferson High campus to collect over 1,000 pledge cards from students.

The cards were sent to Germany where they will be joined with the cards from students from all over the world –Europe, Australia, Africa, India, Kenya and China – to create the world’s largest card mosaic. From there, the mosaic will be sent to Switzerland and presented to the United Nations on June 17. If they are successful, West Jefferson High will be a part of a Guinness World Record for the largest greeting card ever written.

West Jefferson student Macayla Crain’s index card was featured on the USGBC Louisiana Green Schools Challenge’s Facebook page. It stated, “I will buy a rooster, so I don’t have to use an alarm clock.”

Other students pledged to ride bicycles to school, change incandescent bulbs to CFLs in their homes, grow gardens, hang-dry clothes, air-dry hair and use hair rollers instead of curling irons.