JPPSS Millage Renewal


Please Vote December 10, 2016

The Jefferson Parish Public School System will have a 4-mill property tax renewal on the December 10, 2016 ballot. This is a renewal only and will not increase the current tax rate. All funds are dedicated and must be used for Technology, Maintenance, and Capital Improvements. Please encourage family, friends, and coworkers to vote on Saturday, December 10. Early voting is November 26 to December 3. Along with our millage, the ballot will also include important Jefferson Parish government renewals for drainage infrastructure, road repairs, and recreational programs. This website is dedicated to information about the JPPSS school millage renewal. If you would like to learn more about the Jefferson Parish government renewals, click here to watch a brief video.

Bureau of Governmental Research Report

The Bureau of Governmental Research has released a report on the December 10 millage renewals in Jefferson Parish. Click here to read the one page summary and click here to read the full report.


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Facts About This Renewal

  • 4 mills will generate approximately $14.6 million per year for schools.
  • Dedication: 1 mill to technology; 2 mills to capital projects; 1 mill to maint
    enance and improvements of existing facilities.
  • This covers only a portion of the budget for these three categories and must be supplemented with funds from additional sources. More than half of the budgets for the technology department and facility maintenance comes from other revenue streams or grants.
  • Whether for career training, college prep, or compliance with state testing requirements, access to technology in the classroom is an imperative. These funds are used to pay for technology purposes within the schoo
    ls, including technical support for teachers, maintenance for laptop computers, telecommunications, interactive white boards, and other equipment. (This millage does not support
    central office technology needs).
  • The average school building in Jefferson Parish is 53 years old. Money for maintenance and improvements is critical to keep them safe and operational.
  • This 4-mill renewal will not increase tax rates. Homeowners with a $200,000 house will still pay only about $50 and owners of a $200,000 commercial property would continue to only pay about $112.
  • This renewal is for 10 years and would extend the current millage through 2027.

Return on Your Community Investment


The vote will impact generations of children. Click the photo to read Superintendent Joseph’s message.

Every child deserves a quality education and every community deserves quality public schools. The Jefferson Parish Public School System has experienced tremendous success over the past eight years. We still have much more work to do, but here are just some of our accomplishments since the last time this millage was renewed.

  • Our number of A and B schools nearly tripled, while our D and F schools fell by more than 60%
  • We regularly outperform similar districts in our state, and we moved up twenty spots on the state rankings
  • Five of the state’s top 10 public schools and seven of the top 20 are right here in JPPSS

How You Can Help

  • Educate yourself on this important vote by reading our “Facts About This Renewal” above or downloading a fact sheet at this link.
  • Share this information with family, friends, and coworkers, then encourage them to vote. You can give them a Fact Sheet or tell them to visit
  • Vote! The election is December 10. You can vote early November 26 through December 3.

General Voting Information

Date Event
November 9 Last Day to Register
November 26 Early Voting Begins (8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
December 3 Early Voting Ends (8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
December 10 Municipal General Election (7 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

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