U.S. Attorney Polite Visits Johnson Gretna Park

gretnapark-bannerThe U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Kenneth Polite, Jr., visited Shirley Johnson Gretna Park Elementary on October 15, 2014 to observe the National Day of Concern about Young People and Gun Violence.

The Student Pledge Against Gun Violence is a non-political initiative that honors the role that young people, through their own decisions, can play in reducing gun violence.
Polite joined Johnson Gretna Park’s fourth and fifth graders in reciting the Student Pledge affirming their commitments:

• I will never bring a gun to school;
• I will never use a gun to settle a personal problem or dispute;
• I will use my influence with my friends to keep them from using guns to settle disputes.

Other Jefferson Parish Public Schools participating in the event were:
Alice Birney Elementary School
Joshua Butler Elementary School
Helen Cox High School
J.C. Ellis Elementary
Fisher Middle/High School
Henry Ford Middle School
Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies
Mildred Harris Elementary
T. H. Harris Middle School
William Hart Elementary
C.T. Janet Elementary School
Jefferson Elementary
Livaudais Middle School
McDonogh 26 Elementary
Vic A. Pitre Elementary School
Paul J. Solis Elementary
Myrtle C. Thibodeaux Elementary
Miller Wall Elementary
G. T. Woods Elementary School