Terrytown Elementary Receives Additional FEMA Funding

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently announced an additional $8.5 million in funding to the Jefferson Parish Public School System for the construction of Terrytown Elementary School.

This new grant captures replacement costs for the school’s original Katrina-damaged facility, as well as new work necessary to comply with upgraded codes and standards.

The federal agency also approved the school system’s improved project request, enabling the addition of a physical education facility at the new school.

Since Katrina-related damages at Terrytown Elementary School’s campus surpassed a 50 percent damage threshold, FEMA previously determined the school was eligible for replacement funding.

Demolition of the pre-Katrina facility is complete. Construction of the new Terrytown Elementary School is underway with completion projected for the fall of 2011.

The additional FEMA funding brings the federal agency’s total obligation to date for Terrytown Elementary to more than $22.7 million.

To date, FEMA has provided more than $93.7 million overall in public assistance grants to the Jefferson Parish School System in support of their restoration efforts.