T.H. Harris Middle Students in “Presence of a True Hero”

T.H Harris Middle principal Otis Guichet set the scene perfectly for his students gathered to hear decorated World War II pilot Art Arceneaux speak. “Picture yourself in three years. That’s how old Mr. Arceneaux was when he went off to fight the war,” Guichet told the middle school students. “When the country needed him at 18 years […]

Woods Elementary Students Hear from Civil Rights Leader Who Helped Integrate McDonogh 19

“I came to share a little bit of my story. It’s going to be much different than what you can even imagine.” Those words are how Leona Tate began her time speaking to students at G.T. Woods Elementary on Friday, February 27. In a library decorated for her visit, Tate relived the story of how she […]