Student Artwork on Display

TVA-BannerThe artwork currently exhibited at the 501 Manhattan Building represents some of the many excellent works of art created by the district’s Talent Visual Arts (TVA) Program’s students. The pieces are selected by the TVA teachers based on the depth of the student’s involvement with their work, stand-out abilities with materials, inspiring imagination and creativity, and overall love of art in all forms. Many of the pieces being exhibited have received awards in various art competitions, and many of the student artists are well on their way to a career in the field of art.

Students whose works is displayed are:
Fisher High School
Tiffany Landry
Miranda Delatte

Thomas Jefferson High School
Kristen Calfee

Roosevelt Middle School
Helen Hoang

Hazel Park Elementary
Kolby Hammons

Airline Park Elementary
Faith Carter

Harahan Elementary
Camilla Moya

Bonnabel High School
Kosai Nassar

Terrytown Elementary
Nyssa E. Duke

Meisler Middle School
Ritha Miranda

Truman Middle School
Laney Smith

East Jefferson High School
Catherine Urquhart
Christopher Romero
Jonah C Alderini

T.H. Harris Middle School
Deontae’ Williams
Trinity Atkinson
Mayada Nassar
Harry Harris

Adams Middle School
McCoy Nguyen

Gretna Middle School
Jenny Ngo

Janet Elementary School
Cheyenne Marchetta

George Cox Elementary
Julian Pomar

Butler Elementary
Brody Hebert

Ruppel Academy
Zoe Lefort

Ehret High School
Joshua Paolini

Audubon Elementary
Kelsey Warren

Chateau Estates
Paola Alarcon
Patrick Taylor High School
Madison Rolig

Keller Elementary
Lexys Stromeyer
Zoe Anderson

Woods Elementary
Amari Jones

From Leo Kerner Elementary, all students listed have received honorable mention or 3rd place in the state for the Junior Duck Stamp Contest):

Rainey Cantrelle
Thomas Matherne
Ashley Mayfield
Hailie Ronquille
Matthew Creppel
Emerson Boutte
Kelsey Loerwald
Kylee Ponthieux
Trace Caulfield

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