STEM Professionals Mentor Johnson Gretna Park Elementary Students at Tulane Workshop

img_5206Students from Johnson Gretna Park Elementary participated in the inaugural event of a Tulane University program aimed at introducing young people to careers in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Tulane University’s BATS (Boys at Tulane) Program provides fifth through seventh grade boys with the opportunity to meet and work with both male and female role models in STEM fields. Workshops developed and offered by Tulane faculty and Tulane student teams encourage boys to inquire, investigate, and discover in a science and engineering environment. The goal is to open the doors wide and welcome young students to careers in STEM fields by encouraging creative thinking, promoting self-esteem, and increasing awareness of the opportunities that await them.

img_5224Fifth graders from Johnson Gretna Park Elementary took part in the workshop on October 22 at Tulane’s Uptown Campus. Along with professionals in STEM fields, students conducted a series of experiments. They explored a real brain, learned about the science of fluids, explored shark teeth, experimented with the properties of hydrogels, and discovered the secret world of fungi.

They also got to spend time with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, a tarantula, and a scorpion. They studied mathematics and engineering to build a bridge and then tested how much weight their bridges could support. It was an experience they will never forget!