Six JPPSS Students Achieve a Perfect Score on the ACT

This year more than two million graduates took the ACT. Less than one-tenth of one percent of students had a perfect score. The Jefferson Parish Public School System had six students with a perfect score on the ACT this year. Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy student Jacob LeBlanc and Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies students Neelambar Mondel, Keith Kelly, Manal Malik, Zunair Mohiuddin, and Suraj Zaveri all achieved perfection on the exam.

Each student is unique and has their own approach to taking the ACT and plan for life after high school.

Neelambar Mondel

“It is a great accomplishment but there is still so much to do.” said Haynes Academy senior Neelambar Mondel. Mondel was very humble about the fact that not only did he score a 36 on the ACT once, but he did it twice. The exam was offered to the students for free his second time and Mondel thought the score report would be helpful for college. “I felt pretty confident I could do it again.” said Mondel on his chances at scoring a 36 a second time. Mondel suggests that students make sure to take practice tests for the ACT, but also make sure not to stress about it.

Jacob LeBlanc

“I screamed. It has been a long journey to get here,” said Patrick Taylor Academy senior Jacob LeBlanc. “It feels amazing.” Jacob had taken the ACT three times and always got the same score (a 35!). During his last time taking the ACT, his college applications were already in. Feeling stress free, he figured he would give it one more shot. Jacob did not have to take the test but he decided it would be the best way to spend the next three hours of his time. Jacob found the most challenging section to be reading and recommends students read all different styles. “Don’t stick to one genre or author because the ACT does not show the same style every time.” said Jacob.

Keith Kelly

“My sister made me take a practice test and that’s it.” said junior Keith Kelly. Keith scored very high on his practice test and was able to get a perfect score on the actual exam right after. Keith’s plans after high school include attending Louisiana State University and possibly majoring in computer science.

Manal Malik

“It hasn’t even really set it yet,” said Haynes Academy senior Manal Malik “It is just so unreal.” In the fall Manal was in teacher Jeremy Lampo’s SAT/PSAT/ACT prep class. “It was so much help!” said Manal. She tested for the ACT in December 2017 and unfortunately found out that her testing booklet had been lost. After finding out in January and needing a score to apply for scholarships, she tested again. With only a week to prep, she studied as hard as she could and gave it another go. At this point she was no longer in Mr. Lampo’s class, but she used everything he had taught her to practice. After seeing her perfect score, Manal thought “Ok, I’m fine with that!”

Zunair Mohiuddin

Haynes Academy junior Zunair Mohiuddin also credits Mr. Lampo’s SAT/PSAT/ACT prep class for his success on the exam. “He really breaks it down and does not mind going over the small stuff.” said Zunair. “I got a 36 on the practice test so going in I was very comfortable.” Zunair’s advice for students getting ready to take the ACT is to take a practice test and go over what you got wrong. “Check over it. See what you got wrong and why and then repeat those steps.” said Zunair.

Suraj Zaveri

Haynes Academy junior Suraj Zaveri credits the friendly competition at Haynes Academy for his motivation to get a perfect score on the ACT. “I am very happy for my classmates here at Haynes.” said Suraj. “I am motivated to go further and be at the top.” Suraj explained that although it is very competitive at Haynes it is great to be around students that want to achieve as much as you and it is very fun. Suraj was surprised and honored to get a perfect score. “On the practice test I was close but not quite there yet.” said Suraj. “I was ecstatic.”

The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading, and science, each scored on a scale of 1–36. A student’s composite score is the average of the four test scores. ACT test scores are accepted by all major U.S. colleges. Exceptional scores of 36 provide colleges with evidence of student readiness for the academic rigors that lie ahead.