School System Increases Its Performance Scores

The Jefferson Parish Public School System’s performance score increased by 4.9 points in 2009 from 73.5 to 78.4 making it the highest single year gain for the system since scoring began in 1999, according to figures released by the Louisiana Department of Education.

The Jefferson Parish Public School System now contains three – 5 star schools, three – 4 star schools, five – 3 star schools, 26 – 2 star schools, and 39 – 1 star schools. The system’s nine alternative schools did not receive a school performance score. It is anticipated that a different accountability system will be adopted for alternative schools statewide in the near future.

Over the past ten years, the district performance score (DPS) has continually improved from 62.4 in 1999 to its present status of 78.4, an improvement of 16 points. The Jefferson Parish Public School System also outgained the average district performance score increase statewide of 4.2 points. The Jefferson Parish Public School System is now just 3.9 points away from moving into the third quartile in rankings.

School performance scores increased in 51 of the 73 (70%) JPPSS schools that received scores. The average point gain in these 51 schools was 4.27 points. Scores at several schools did not meet state criteria because of major student population shifts due to boundary changes from the Dandridge consent order. A school with a major population shift is defined as one that experienced more than a 50% change in its student population.