School Surprise at Metairie Academy

Through a program called School Surprise, the kindergarten classes at Metairie Academy were presented with supplies and materials that are to be used in the school’s reading and math stations.

School Surprise was initiated by Louisiana’s First Lady, Supriya Jindal. Jindal partnered with AT&T to visit Metairie Academy and deliver interactive tools for the classroom centers for  kindergarteners.

According to the Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children, the School Surprise Program was created based on input from teachers about how to enhance the classroom environment. Kindergarten classrooms’ centers may need books for a reading center, ten frame charts and counters for a math center, or magnets and weather charts for a science center. The Program seeks to provide such hands-on interactive tools that teachers identify as integral to their kindergarten classrooms and their students’ success.

The tools provided to Metairie Academy were personally selected by its teachers to ensure that whatever materials they received would be appropriate for their students’ learning environment.