School Board
Policies : Section J: Students
Section Title Last Updated
JAA Equal Education Opportunities
JB Attendance August 2013
JBA Compulsory School Attendance Ages April 2012
JBB Entrance Age
JBC School Admission December 2016
JBCB Admission of Non-Resident Students
JBCBB Homeless Children and Youth June 2013
JBCBC Foreign Exchange Students
JBCC Student Assignment November 2010
JBCD Student Transfer and Withdrawal October 2010
JBCE Public School Choice July 2015
JBCF Unsafe School Choice August 2013
JBD Student Absences and Excuses January 2012
JBE Truancy September 2009
JBH Attendance Reports for Student Drivers June 2010
JCAA Due Process
JCAB Student Searches
JCABA Searches of Student’s Person
JCABB Use of Metal Detectors
JCABC Interrogations
JCABD Use of Drug Detection Dogs
JCD Student Conduct June 2013
JCDAA Student Smoking September 2011
JCDAB Student Drug and Alcohol Use November 2010
JCDAC Dangerous Weapons
JCDAD School Bus Conduct
JCDAE Student Use of Electronic Devices August 2012
JCDAF Bullying and Hazing June 2013
JCDB Student Dress Code June 2013
JCE Student Complaints and Grievances
JCEA Student Sexual Harassment
JCEC Demonstrations of Students
JD Discipline June 2013
JDA Corporal Punishment June 2013
JDB Detention
JDD Suspension August 2013
JDE Expulsion February 2019
JG Student Welfare September 2008
JGA Student Insurance Program
JGB Wellness Policy July 2010
JGC Student Health Services August 2013
JGCB Immunizations December 2008
JGCC Communicable Disease
JGCD Administration of Medication August 2013
JGCE Child Abuse June 2013
JGD Crisis Intervention
JGFB Supervision of Students
JGFC Student Dismissal Precautions
JGFF Student Use of Personal Vehicles
JGFG Illness and Accidents August 2010
JGFH Student Identification
JGFHA Student Biometric Information November 2010
JH Student Activities
JHB Student Activities Funds Management
JHC Student Organizations
JHE Student Publications
JJ Employment of Students
JK Solicitations
JO Student-Community Relations
JQA Pregnant Students
JQH Language Minority Students
JR Student Records July 2015
JS Student Fines, Fees, and Charges