School Board
Policies : Section I: Instructional Program
Section Title Last Updated
IB Instructional Goals
ID Curriculum February 2017
IDA Basic Instructional Program
IDAA Educational Assessment Program
IDBB Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug, and Substance Abuse Education Program November 2010
IDCA Summer School August 2013
IDCC Exceptional Student Extended Year Program
IDCD Kindergarten August 2013
IDCG Honors Program
IDCH Home Study Program February 2017
IDCI College/University Programs
IDCJ Supplemental Education Services
IDDC Homebound Instruction April 2008
IDDE Student Driver Training December 2009
IDDF Education of Students with Exceptionalities February 2017
IDDG Alternative Schools Education Program August 2013
IDDH Limited English Proficiency Program
IDDI Schools for Advanced Studies March 2008
IDE Co-curricular Activities and Extracurricular Activities March 2010
IDFA Interscholastic Athletics August 2010
IDFAA Athletic and Extracurricular Activity Drug Screening
IDG Adult Education April 2008
IEB Class Size/School Enrollment August 2013
IEC Scheduling for Instruction
IFA Instructional Materials February 2017
IFAA Textbook Selection and Adoption February 2017
IFAB Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IFAC Equipment and Supplies Selection and Adoption
IFBD School Libraries
IFBGA Computer Access and Use (Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) – Compliance Policy) September 2013
IFCB Field Trips and Excursions
IFCD School Volunteers
IFD Districtwide Parent Involvement Policy March 2007
IFDA Parental Rights/Student Rights of Privacy
IH Academic Achievement August 2013
IHA Grading Systems
IHAB Report Cards
IHAD Parent Conferences June 2013
IHB Homework
IHC Class Rankings
IHD Honor Rolls
IHE Promotion and Retention
IHF Graduation Requirements April 2008
IHG Credit Recovery August 2013
II Testing Program December 2011
IJ Evaluation of Instructional Program November 2012
IKDA Pledge of Allegiance February 2017
IKDB Graduation Exercises September 2011
IKDC Prayer in Schools February 2017