School Board
Policies : Section B: School Board Operations
Section Title Last Updated
BBA Officers and their Duties
BBBA Duties of Board Members December 2010
BBBC Board Member Continuing Education August 2013
BBBD Bonded Members December 2010
BBBE Compensation and Expenses July 2012
BBC Board Committees December 2010
BBD Board/School Superintendent Relations December 2010
BBE Board Attorney December 2010
BC Meetings December 2010
BCB Board Meeting Protocol June 2013
BCBB Notification of Board Meetings December 2016
BCBD Agenda Preparation and Dissemination January 2016
BCBH Minutes of Board Meetings December 2016
BCBI Public Participation in Board Meetings December 2010
BCBK Executive Sessions December 2016
BD School Board Policy June 2013
BDA Administrative Regulations and Procedures
BDC Suspension of Policies
BE School Board Ethics December 2016
BE-E Code of Conduct for Louisiana School Board Members February 2017