Saluting Our Veterans

Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies and Kerner Elementary School both honored veterans on Friday, November 9 through special ceremonies on campus that included student performances and visits from local veterans.

At Gretna No. 2, students produced a Veterans Day program honoring parents, grandparents and other relatives for military service.

The students were divided into four groups each representing a branch of the military.

“We wanted to show that history is not just something in a textbook, but is alive,” said Gretna No. 2 social studies teacher Kathleen Faherty.

Veterans were also honored at Leo J. Kerner Elementary School in Lafitte as the pride of the bayou.

Six World War II veterans were recognized and thanked by the students for their sacrifice and bravery. Students sang songs, danced, and read essays on what freedom means to them as part of the ceremony.