Riviere Students to Dedicate New School Playground

The students at Riviere Elementary School will be joined by State Senator Julie Quinn as they dedicate this week a new school playground.

Senator Quinn will be joined by kindergarten teacher Keppy Martin as they dedicate the new $15,000 playground that took two years to get funded.  Following Hurricane Katrina, Martin began selling raffle tickets to raise the money to build a new playground.

“Keppy Martin is a dedicated kindergarten teacher who had almost no resources, but was determined to make this little slice of life happen for these children,” said Quinn.  “Her dedication to her students and her school are remarkable and should not go unnoticed.”

Sen. Quinn was able to allocate money from state general funds in the 2009 regular session and now two years later, the playground will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, January 21.