Riverdale High Students Earn Thousands in Scholarships from Rodrigue Art Contest

“The Swamp has Eyes”

Riverdale High’s Karrington Nicholas and Christy Lindley were two of just 10 seniors to win scholarship money in the annual George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts contest.

Lindley’s painting “The Swamp has Eyes” earned her 7th place and a $3,000 scholarship. Karrington’s painting “La Reine de Voodoo de la Nouvelle Orleans” earned her 8th place and a $2,500 scholarship.

“La Reine de Voodoo de la Nouvelle Orleans”

Both students are in Talent Art and the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts programs at Riverdale High. Their instructor is Riverdale High’s 2013-14 Teacher of the Year Kimberly Robinson.

Over 650 high school students from across Louisiana entered the 2018 scholarship art contest by submitting original works of art for the theme “Monsters, Myths, and Legends.” GRFA awarded $45,250 in college scholarships to 10 seniors and six juniors.