Lesson Resources

Arts Education Websites

Arts in Education Partnership

A national coalition of arts, education, business, philanthropic and government organizations that demonstrate and promote the essential role of the arts in education. The site offers useful research, assessment tools, a state arts education policy database, and informative publications.

Department of Education

The Department of Education offers professional development and funding programs for arts education.

National Arts Education Association

NAEA aims to promote art education through Professional Development, Service, Advancement of Knowledge, and Leadership.


Developed by the Education Commission of the States, ARTSCAN supports the analysis of state-level arts education policy. ARTSCAN allows you to compare arts education policy between states, conduct research, and view issues related to arts education for K-12.

Music for All

A national non-profit organization committed to expanding the role of music and the arts in education. Offers advocacy tools, useful links.

Young Audiences

A leading source of arts-in-education services, Young Audiences works to advance the artistic and educational development of public school students

National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts

A national service organization for non-profit organizations providing arts education in urban, suburban and rural communities throughout the United States. The Guild researches and promotes best practices, provides opportunities for professional development and dialogue, and advocates for broad access

Lincoln Center for Arts Education

The Institute works in partnership with pre-K through grade twelve educators and degree-granting teacher education programs, and provides numerous professional development opportunities.

Integrated Art Lessons

Integrated Arts Education

Instruction that is integrated combines teaching in two or more subject areas. The purpose of integrated instruction is to help students gain a deep understanding of an important concept that is common to all the subjects involved. Student work is geared to specific goals and assessments in those subject areas. By combining knowledge and thinking in different disciplines, students learn to apply knowledge learned in one area to challenges in another area—a skill that will serve them well—both in school and in real life. Arts integration means that the arts (dance, music, theatre and visual art) constitute one or more of the integrated subject areas. Arts integration is not a substitute for teaching the arts as separate subjects. Rather it complements traditional arts instruction and helps to affirm the relevance of the arts in the school curriculum.


Artsedge — the National Arts and Education Network — supports the placement of the arts at the center of the curriculum and advocates creative use of technology to enhance the K-12 educational experience. Artsedge empowers educators to teach in, through, and about the arts by providing the tools to develop interdisciplinary curricula that fully integrate the arts with other academic subjects.


K-12 arts education materials for visual arts, dance, music and drama/ theater are provided through the Arts Resources for Teachers and Students (A.R.T.S.), a dynamic, web-based resource designed for use by teachers, students and their parents. Teachers will find information on standards, curriculum, lesson plans and assessment for arts education, as well as lists of arts resources, arts organizations and arts advocacy groups.

Center for Integrated Arts Education

The Center for Integrated Arts Education specializes in arts planning, formation of arts policy, professional collaborations and curriculum development. The Center is engaged in longitudinal research in arts education that examines the impact of an arts infused curricula on school ecology and student achievement including attendance, graduation rates, and surveys of student perceptions of their own learning processes.

Integrating the Arts into the Classroom

Arts integration for 4th and 5th grade classrooms, a Primer for Classroom teachers (Oak Grove, MS).

Interactive Websites that Enhance Classroom Lessons

Hands-on Crafts

Throw a pot and build a jug among other activities

Interactive Web Sites – Music

An interactive music site from the National Arts Centre in Canada with activities for teachers, parents, students, and young artists

Museum of Modern Art Online Activities

Art Safari and others

New York Philharmonic

Introduces the New York Philharmonic – music, musicians, composers, and conductors of symphony music

San Francisco Symphony Kids’ Site

Introduces the instruments of the orchestra, the basics of reading music, and has an online radio to listen to some classical music’s greatest hits

Websites for Kids

Interactive audio, video and curriculum from Music Teachers National Association