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What is a charter school?

Open-enrollment charter schools are free public schools that have the flexibility to adapt to the educational needs of individual students. Open-enrollment charter schools vary in mission and model, serving a wide range of students with different needs and interests. Although charter schools have some autonomy, they still must meet the rigorous academic standards dictated by the state for all public schools.

Just like traditional public schools, charter schools receive state funds based on the average daily attendance of students, and operate under and receive accountability ratings from the Louisiana Department of Education. Both charter and traditional public school students take the LEAP test. Charter schools in Jefferson Parish are authorized by the Jefferson Parish School Board to provide additional high-quality options to Jefferson Parish families and students.

Charter school leaders make decisions that are mission-driven and centered on the needs of the students in that school. They include choices concerning mission, curriculum, professional development, report card formats, and hiring. Families can choose charter schools based on their mission, their academic performance, their school culture, or even their location; prospective students are not required to attend the neighborhood district school.

To learn more about charter schools in Louisiana, visit the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools.

Helpful Information

– Any child eligible to attend public school in Jefferson Parish is also eligible to attend the district’s charter schools. Charter schools cannot discriminate based on race, gender, or achievement measures.

– If the number of interested students for a charter school exceeds the number of available seats, the school will conduct a lottery to randomly select students to admit.

– If you are interested in applying to any charter school, you should contact the school directly for information about the application and enrollment timeline and process. Most of the charter schools in Jefferson Parish run their application process early in the calendar year.

JPPSS Charter Schools


Young Audiences Charter School (K-5 in 2015-16, eventually K-8) 504.304.6332 

At Young Audiences Charter School at Kate Middleton, our arts-integrated curriculum reflects recent research from the arts education field that provides significant evidence of the value of the arts in the learning process. Arts integration combines the arts with the learning of core academic subjects. Young Audiences Charter School will provide a rigorous academic program with a strong focus on the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum and Common Core State Standards.  These academic requirements will be integrated with the five art disciplines (Literary Arts, Music, Dance/Movement, Drama and Visual Art) to provide students with additional learning opportunities and multiple ways to understand academic content.


Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy (PK-8 in 2015-16, eventually PK-12) 504.233.4720

The mission of Kenner Discovery Health Sciences Academy (KDHSA) is to provide a rigorous learning environment where students achieve academically, develop intellectual curiosity, and practice environmental responsibility while exploring health and science topics and careers. Our young students will learn about good nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, physical fitness, and a sustainable environment. They will explore science and technology with 21st century tools across all subjects. They will help maintain a community herb and vegetable garden. Our older students will follow the scientific method and practice science exploration. They will learn to propose questions and research answers. They will use technology, traditional research, and writing to create evidence based reports.


JCFA (9-12) 504.410.3121

JCFA’s mission is to provide a learning environment that allows our students to develop their potential; to prepare our students for post-secondary education and/or the work force; and collaborate with community agencies, organizations, and institutions to meet our students’ needs. JCFA is a non-traditional high school where students use technology to complete course requirements at their own pace. To be admitted, students must be formerly unsuccessful in making adequate progress towards a high school diploma in a traditional classroom (2 or more years behind, parent, primary care giver, or head of house hold).

Grades offered:  JCFA-West is open to all high school aged (15-21) Jefferson Parish residents and JCFA-East is open to all residents of the state who are interested in enrolling in a nontraditional high school to complete Louisiana’s requirements to earn a high school diploma.

Laureate Academy Charter School (K-1 in 2015-16, eventually K-8) 504.503.0170

Jefferson RISE Charter School (6th grade in 2015-16, eventually 6-12) 504.410.5905