Playing with a Purpose

It was game night recently at Vic A. Pitre Elementary, but these games had a purpose: family literacy.

Cierra Hawkins, a fourth grader, said her favorite game was the synonym and antonym bingo.

“Literacy night is a time when we come together to focus on activities that will enhance our reading skills, said Pitre Principal Adrian Norman. “All of the teachers prepare activities that are student-friendly and that parents can use when they get home so that they can help their children build their literacy skills.”

Norman said that hosting events like Family Literacy Night brings the community into the school and also provides parents who work during the day the chance to participate in activities with their children.

Westwego Mayor John Shaddinger, Jr. made a special appearance at Pitre and read a story to those in attendance.

“I came tonight because I understand the importance of reading, writing and education and how it truly impacts an individual,” he said. “Knowledge is power. Here at Vic A. Pitre, they want to make a difference in our community.”