Pen Pals Finally Meet

After two years of corresponding, students from Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies met their pen pals from Le Lycee de Beaumont in France face to face the week of April 15, 2013.

Teacher Roxane Coron said that the purpose of the visit was for the students to develop a better cultural understanding of each other through different activities crafted by teachers on both side of the Atlantic.

Coron teaches at both Haynes Academy and Riverdale Middle School, so this year, she involved the students in the International Baccalaureate and Immersion programs, along with the Foreign Language Club at Riverdale.

One exciting activity for Riverdale students and their French visitors was a “scavenger hunt” throughout the French Quarter. After being divided into groups, the students visited various locations in the Quarter where they answered bilingual questions about the history and culture of New Orleans.

Dariniesha Degrui has been part of the French immersion program since pre-kindergarten at J.C. Ellis and is currently in the 6th grade at Riverdale.

“We’ve been writing to the French students, so it’s great that they came all the way here so that we could meet each other and spend time together,” said Degrui.

Her pen pal, Antsa Raheri, loves that they are able to practice their respective languages with each other. Raheri noted that their school lessons are quite different.

“The lessons here are very dynamic,” she said.

In addition to the lessons, Raheri said that she and her fellow students found their host families to be very friendly, but best of all they liked….

“The weather,” she laughed. “It very cold in Brittany right now.”