Patrick Taylor Academy Dedicates New Building; New Scholarship Announced

The students and staff of Patrick F. Taylor Academy were joined by local dignitaries as they cut the ribbon on their new school building located in the Churchill Technology Park complex in Avondale.


Highlighting the program was Phyllis Taylor, widow of Patrick F. Taylor, who spoke about her late husband and his dedication to education in Louisiana.

She told the students that 58 years ago, a young man named Patrick walked across a stage in Houston, Texas to receive his high school diploma. At that time, he had been on his own since he was 16 years old. He had a dream: he wanted to be an oil man. Louisiana State University provided him with the tools and the degree to make that possible.

Taylor made New Orleans his home and he went to work in the oilfields of Louisiana, realizing his dream. With his success, however, he never forgot that the education that he received was the necessary tool to get where he wanted to be, inspiring him to spend the rest of his life helping others have that same opportunity for an education.

“Today, we are dedicating an incredible new facility which bears his name,” said Taylor. “In the next 58 years and way beyond, many will walk these halls. Many will have dreams. And many will receive the education that they need to realize those dreams. There can be no better tribute to the man for which this building is named.”

Taylor then stunned the crowd with a major announcement.

“Today, to honor the dedication of this facility and to recognize the man for whom it was named, I want to announce that one of you, on graduation day, will walk across the stage with a scholarship, the Patrick F. Taylor scholarship, and it will be worth $100,000.”

The crowd erupted into thunderous applause.

“That will be for your university experience,” she said. “So let this challenge inspire you to do your very best in your very last year of your high school experience. And to all of the students, those here now and those that will be walking these halls in the future, may you find inspiration to realize your dreams and may this school provide you with the tools to make your dream a reality.”