On-Site Checkups Allow JPPSS Employees to Save on Medical Premiums

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Jefferson Parish Public School System employees can save money by participating in one of our on-site health checkups.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and Catapult Heath are bringing an on-site preventive health screening clinic to the JPPSS Administration Building at 501 Manhattan Blvd. in Harvey and the Emenes Building at 822 S. Clearview Pkwy. in Harahan. JPPSS employees can now start earning credit off of their 2018 medical premiums. Attending one of our on-site free health checkups is one of only two steps offered to help you save money. Your health screening can be scheduled at either the West Bank or East Bank location.

It takes just 60 seconds to schedule your quick and confidential health checkup at

Why should you participate?

First, there is absolutely no out-of-pocket cost to you for this health checkup, including no deductible or co-payment. Your health checkup will be filed as a claim on your insurance covered 100%.

If you complete a Catapult Health Preventive Checkup and the Blue Cross Personal Health Assessment (PHA) at by August 31, 2017, you will receive a premium credit of up to $120 total on your 2018 health insurance premium. Note: If you qualified for the premium credit in 2017, you will need to complete the checkup and PHA again during the 2017 program year to get the credit in 2018.

Second, your checkup will be quick and easy. It only takes about 40 minutes. That’s less time than you’d probably spend in a doctor’s waiting room. It’s also on-site, right here at our workplace, so you won’t have to take any time off. The blood test only involves a quick finger stick, and you’ll meet privately with a licensed nurse practitioner who will answer your questions and help you create an action plan for improving your health.

Third, no one at JPPSS will have access to any of your personal health information. Your checkup will be done by Catapult Health, an independent healthcare provider, and is designed to identify potential health issues before they become truly serious. Your individual results are strictly confidential.

This is a great opportunity, so please don’t wait. Please take a moment now to schedule your checkup at

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Footnote: You must be enrolled in a Blue Cross health plan for 2017 to take part in the preventive checkup and you must stay enrolled in a Blue Cross health plan in 2018 to receive the premium credit.