Message from the Superintendent: September 2015

21058168892_a46cae5ad6_kHaving a vision for what you want to achieve is the starting point for any successful plan. From that vision, you develop core beliefs. Genuine core beliefs will then guide your actions (what you do) and your attitude (how you do it). And it’s your actions and attitude that ultimately determine outcomes.

We’ve adopted that as this year’s mantra. Not only has this been communicated to our school leaders, but we’re also applying these principles at the district level. The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) is in the process of developing a strategic plan. Our vision is to make JPPSS the school of choice in our parish and the flagship system for our state. The School Leadership Center of Greater New Orleans is facilitating this strategic planning process, but the committee itself is comprised of a wide array of stakeholders. I was extremely excited when I looked around the room and saw the faces at our initial meeting. They are teachers, parents, administrators, district staff, business owners, and community leaders. Individuals from diverse backgrounds, this group is connected by a commitment to our students, our district, and our community.

Our committee is taking the best ideas we have in front of us to develop a blueprint for JPPSS, but every citizen can play a role in building a public education system that serves all of Jefferson Parish. Whether you are a parent, student, JPPSS employee, or just a community member who wants to get involved, choose to make a difference in your own circle of influence. This is an exciting time as we start this journey. It’s a really big job, but one I know we will accomplish together.

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph