Message from the Superintendent: November 2017

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There is a very important election for our students on November 18. Our students must get an education that will allow them to compete for the best colleges and jobs after graduation. The administration and school board are committed to that goal. But for our students to compete for the best opportunities, our schools must compete for the best teachers and employees.

Currently our salaries are not competitive with our neighboring parishes. Our starting teacher salaries are between $3,000 to $5,000 below other districts, and we are losing over 500 teachers a year. This high teacher turnover has a negative impact on our students and their academic performance.

To attract and retain the best teachers for our students, we must pay competitive salaries. That’s why the Jefferson Parish School Board has proposed a new 10 year, 8.45 mills property tax. Funds from this tax would be dedicated exclusively to raising teacher and employee salaries.

This proposal is very important and will have a direct impact on the system’s ability to recruit and retain the best teachers and employees to serve our children.

Early voting is November 3-11. Election day is November 18. Please remind all your family and friends of this election. For more information on this issue, visit our special webpage dedicated to the election or follow us on Facebook.

Remember to VOTE, November the 18th!

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph