Message from the Superintendent: May 2016

DSC_0424The end of the school year is an ideal time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in Jefferson Parish Public Schools. The 2015-2016 school year should be remembered as a year JPPSS created more choices, continued to earn better results, and cultivated a more welcoming culture.

We want JPPSS to be the first choice for parents. To help meet this goal, we now offer more choices than ever within our district. To go along with our growing number of charter schools, our Advanced Study Academies, and our many A and B rated open enrollment schools, we’ve increased magnet programs across our district. More schools now offer language immersion and International Baccalaureate. This is in addition to our arts integration and Montessori programs. Our teachers will also have more choices and freedom when it comes to developing innovative lessons. Thanks to a $33 million investment, we are in the process of installing state-of-the-art wireless technology in each school. These wireless classrooms will offer students a view of the world beyond campus.

Choices are important, but so are results. Our District Performance Score improved, as we maintained a B on the state report card. JPPSS houses five of the state’s top 10 public schools and seven of the top 20. The Jefferson Community Foundation released a report that shows we’ve tripled our number of A and B schools since 2010-2011. Our graduation rate is the highest it’s been in over a decade. We increased the number of college and career pathways for our students. JPPSS outperforms similar districts across the state and continues to move up the Louisiana rankings.

We’ve also implemented steps to assure a welcoming culture for our students, parents, guests, and other stakeholders. A positive culture and climate at our schools is fertile ground for continued academic growth. Dale Carnegie Training conducted customer service workshops for nearly all of our over 5,000 employees in December. Along with providing a world class education for every student in every classroom, we are committed to becoming a leader in delivering excellent customer service. Customer service is critical to our success. We need families and other stakeholders to choose JPPSS.

This school year was just the start of our vision to make JPPSS the first choice for all stakeholders. We’re proud of our accomplishments, but there is still a lot of work to be done. We will not be satisfied until all our students are receiving the high quality education they deserve. As we move forward in JPPSS, we are going to keep our “why” in front of us at all times and remain steady on our path…being highly focused and highly accountable.

Thank you for your continued investment in our children, and thank you for choosing Jefferson Parish Public Schools.

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph