Message from the Superintendent: May 2015


JPPSS Superintendent Isaac Joseph visited with students and teachers on the last day of school this year at McDonogh No. 26 Elementary.

It is an honor and privilege to serve as superintendent of the Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS). This district has played such a prominent role in my life. Nearly 30 years ago I discovered my passion for public education as a JPPSS teacher. Over the past three decades, I’ve been fortunate enough to serve this system as a leader in the classroom, as a principal, and at the district level. Each experience prepared me for the role I so graciously serve today.

My experiences have allowed me to view the school system through a number of perspectives. Some of the most rewarding experiences have occurred over the past few weeks. I’ve had the pleasure of playing an active role in every JPPSS high school graduation. It’s amazing to see the look of excitement on each student’s face as they walk across that stage and open up so many more opportunities for themselves. This culminating activity is our ultimate goal for every student in every school.

To get to this ultimate goal, our students celebrate another kind of culminating activity each year – the last day of school. This day symbolizes what our work is all about – students moving on to the next level. It’s these smaller goals that lead to that ultimate success of high school graduation. Thank you to the teachers, administrators, and staff members who devote so much of their lives to our young people. Thank you to the parents, family members, and community partners who help put these children in the position to succeed in the classroom.

I hope everyone enjoys a restful summer and returns ready for the new school year in August. In order to get to that ultimate goal of graduation, it takes over a dozen of those smaller celebrations on the last day of school. And success on the last day of school begins with a strong start on day one. The 2015-16 school year starts August 10 for students in grades 1-12 and August 13-14 for students in PK/K. Learning starts on the first day, so please make sure every student is at school. It’s an important first step that will lead to a very special May celebration.

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph