Message from the Superintendent: May 2014

suptmessage-bannerAs we get closer to finishing out another successful school year, I want to take a moment to call your attention to an updated status report on the Jefferson Parish Public Schools released by GCR, Inc. that recognizes the continued success of the school system over the past few years.

The report, which was prepared at the request of the Jefferson Community Foundation and the Jefferson Business Council, uses the latest data from the Louisiana Department of Education to produce an update on the academic progress of JPPSS. The results are clear: JPPSS continues to show substantial improvement in every measure when it comes to student achievement.

The full report, which can be downloaded here, validates what I’ve seen throughout the school year: our students, our teachers and faculty, and our schools are rising to the challenge of higher expectations and seeing success in all areas. Just in the 2013-14 school year, our students, with the support of their amazing faculty, have won academic titles and accolades on local, state, and national stages. Our athletes have brought home state championships. Our artists, performers, and musicians have showcased their work in their schools and through public exhibits and events. Our teachers have won grants and awards that recognize their expertise and their dedication to our students.

And they have done all of these things in a year of tremendous transition and change, as the district fully implemented the more rigorous Common Core State Standards and began to prepare for the accompanying PARCC assessment, which will be administered beginning next school year.

Though every single student deserves recognition for their work this year, I want to especially recognize and congratulate the graduating Class of 2014 for all of their accomplishments and success. We have so many different stories to tell about our graduating seniors – students who have overcome enormous obstacles to walk that stage during graduation; students who have worked tirelessly to get into the college of their choice; students who have found and pursued their passions. I am so proud to have gotten to know some of these students, and and I’m thrilled to be able to congratulate each of them as they receive their high school diploma. It’s what makes our work together so gratifying – to see the promise of the future in each of their excited faces.

None of our successes and accomplishments could have been possible without the partnerships we have built with you, our families and community members. Thank you for always supporting our endeavors to provide each of our students with the best possible education. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to public education, and for your continued investment into our children, the future of this parish. Our work is not yet done – in fact, we are already busy planning and training for the next school year – but I’m confident that with you as our partners, we will continue to make the strides needed to reach our goals.