Message from Dr. Brumley: July 2018

We Love. We Learn. We Lead.

As our school year kicks off, those simple words provide us with a powerful compass for Jefferson Parish Public Schools. If we accept those words as a call to action, we will strengthen the possibilities for our system’s success.

We Love. It’s important that we love one another. Yes, even in a public school system of 50,000 students, this is vital. Caring for others is an age-old, yet revolutionary practice. When students know we care for them, they typically respond better academically and behaviorally. When adults work in an environment where they’re valued and can grow, they typically do better work and stay longer. Beyond loving one another, its also important to love what we do. I love my work in public education, and based on my many conversations with stakeholders the past few months, their love for this system and its students is clear.

We Learn. I want us to ensure learning for every child. It’s the reason we exist. Our school system must be a place that prepares students for the next season of their life. Educators must approach student learning seriously and with urgency – it matters. Further, employees within the school system must be active learners and model a growth mind-set for students. This summer, thousands of employees participated in professional development sessions in many different areas. This will better prepare them for the school year. Throughout the year, however, we must maintain a desire to keep learning. When we stop learning, we stagnate and decay. Our system must be one that learns and grows.

We Lead. It’s necessary to teach leadership development in schools. This is not restricted to a classroom. Students learn how to lead during free play at recess, while preparing for performances, and when involved in extra and co-curricular activities. With every opportunity, we must be developing the tenets of servant-leadership within our students – taking care of others and helping them reach their fullest potential. Further, Jefferson must be a leader in the field of education for our region, state, and nation. We should capitalize on our diversity, our region, and our talented people to implement thoughtful and creative approaches for being the best large, urban educational system in America. We must be a place where, because of student outcomes, people come to see our good work.

We have a lot of work to do but I believe we can turn the possible into the probable if we work together and keep student outcomes at the center of our discussions and actions. The best is yet to come for Jefferson Parish Public Schools.

Dr. Cade Brumley