Message from the Superintendent: February 2017

The Jefferson Parish Public School System serves all students in our parish. We’re a district as diverse as the community in which we live. Our nearly 50,000 students consist of at-risk and advanced, rich and poor, African-American and Asian-American, Hispanic and Caucasian, and everything in between. Academic achievement for all students, regardless of background, is our priority and pledge for every student at every school.

Cultural and economic differences are embedded in the fabric of our schools and community. By working to understand the different needs of our students, we’ve seen widespread success. Seventeen of our high poverty schools outperformed the state on the 2016 school performance scores. The most recent state report card also ranked four of our schools in the state’s top 10 public schools and eight in the top 25. In total, nearly one-third of our students attend a school rated an “A” or “B” by the state.

Diversity in our school system is about more than just cultural and economic differences. Students retain information in different ways and are driven by different opportunities. That’s why we offer parents so many school choice options. Our magnet schools range from arts integration and language immersion programs, to International Baccalaureate and Montessori schools. Our Advanced Study Academies challenge high achieving students with a curriculum at least one grade level ahead. Students in our career programs are graduating high school with the professional credentials to step right into a career thanks to our relationship with local businesses and industries. Parents looking for a different choice can also take advantage of one of our numerous charter schools.

Every child has a dream. We are here to help them achieve it.

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph