Message from the Superintendent: February 2016

24024014820_b2eeb15fdc_zOur teachers, administrators, and support staff returned from Mardi Gras Break rested, refreshed, and focused. Preparations are in high gear for the upcoming statewide assessments. The educational professionals in the Jefferson Parish Public School System are dedicated to setting up each of our students for success. In turn, we would like to ask for the continued help of our parents as we prepare your children for these important tests.

Parents often ask what they can do to help their children on these tests. Most of the tips we can offer go hand-in-hand with overall good habits for school. Just as it is important for your child to attend school on a regular basis, getting a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast also go a long way in determining their overall success.

In order to reinforce what your students learn during the day, it’s important that you work with your child at home. Look over their homework with them and encourage them to develop a consistent habit of studying. Your child will also see a universal benefit from reading on a regular basis. Books, magazines, and newspapers (a physical copy or online) all help your child expand their vocabulary, their understanding of grammar, and their critical thinking skills. Those critical thinking skills are extremely important on the assessments and in your child’s development throughout school. You can also help develop these skills by holding conversations with your child about what they are learning in school or current events. Conversing back and forth helps them formulate ideas and ask questions they may have developed.

If you are looking for more test-specific information or sample questions, the Louisiana Department of Education offers a wealth of resources on its website. I also encourage you to speak with your child’s teacher or visit our website if you have questions about the assessments your child will take and when they will be administered.

I know many of our parents are already doing this and more to help their children excel in the classroom. It’s a major reason why the district maintained its “B” on the latest state report card. Thank you for your support as we continue to move our district forward.

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph