Message from the Superintendent: December 2017

The Louisiana Department of Education released its 2016-17 District and School Performance Scores recently, and the results highlight numerous improvements throughout the Jefferson Parish Public School System.

Chateau Estates School and Schneckenburger Elementary are the two newest A-rated schools in JPPSS. They join eleven other schools for a total of 13 A-rated schools in our Parish. We nearly tripled our number of Top Gains schools, which demonstrate strong growth, from three in 2016 to eight in 2017.

Six of our schools ranked in the top 15 of the state and over one-third of our schools scored either an A or a B.

As a district, JPPSS showed improvement in a number of areas including our strength of diploma, Cohort Graduation Rate, Cohort Graduation Rate Index, ACT Assessment Index, and Dropout Credit Accumulation Index.

While the overall District Performance Score remained a C, the numerical score dropped by only 0.5 of a point. The numerical score before progress points has remained very consistent over the past four years.

Not only are more students graduating from our high schools, but they are doing so ready to take that next step in life. We are very pleased with the efforts of our high schools as they are preparing students for college and career. And best of all, many of those graduates will stay right here and contribute to Jefferson Parish as employees, business owners, and productive citizens.

While 15 schools moved up a letter grade, we did have 10 drop. This included four schools that declined to an F. That is obviously not something we want to see from our schools and we will continue to work closely with principals and teachers so that all our students are successful.

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph