Message from the Superintendent: December 2015

21524278653_4fee5c6daf_zAs we close in on a new year, I’m excited about our plan to make the Jefferson Parish Public School System the first choice for all stakeholders. We are charting a new course for JPPSS. One that ensures our system is an asset for everyone in Jefferson Parish, whether you are a student, teacher, employee, business owner, or community member.

Inside the classroom, we are addressing more rigorous standards. That means working to expand high quality early childhood offerings, provide additional support to our schools with the highest need, increase the College and Career Pathways for students, tailor professional development to meet the unique needs of our educators and students, and expand digital learning programs.

We are just as invested when it comes to the culture of our schools. Along with providing students with a world class education, we also want to make sure our families are welcomed into our schools and feel a sense of community. Dale Carnegie Training recently conducted customer service training for nearly all of our over 5,000 employees. For our staff, these workshops offered valuable career skills from an international organization that’s trained over 400 of the Fortune 500 corporations. For our parents and visitors, this is a major step forward as we implement a standard of service founded in the “JPPSS way.”

We are also invested in Jefferson Parish as a whole. Workforce development is a key component of the EDGE2020 plan completed by the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO). It’s vital that we begin to align our priorities with regional and local priorities. For new industries to grow and thrive in our parish, we need citizens who are educated to meet the demands of those career paths. A common truth I hear from my many meetings with local business leaders is that education and economic development go hand in hand.

We want the public to see our continued progress and understand the true value a world class public school system holds for the entire parish. These are just some of the ways we’ve been investing in you. Our continued investment in each other is key as we make the Jefferson Parish Public School System the first choice for all stakeholders.

Warm Regards,

Isaac G. Joseph