Message from Dr. Brumley: April 2018

Dr. Brumley meets with Terrytown Elementary students before presenting his 100-day plan

Dr. Brumley meets with Terrytown Elementary students before presenting his 100-day plan.

It is a great honor to pen this first newsletter message as Jefferson Parish Public School System Superintendent. Although I’ve only been “on the job” for a few weeks, I’ve already been blessed by the graciousness of the people and enriched by the warmth of the culture. I look forward to further immersing myself into the parish and providing strong leadership to those under my care.

First off, I need to reinforce my top responsibility and top priority as superintendent. Without question, my top responsibility is the safety of students and staff. With a work history as both a superintendent and school principal, this has always been of utmost importance. I will consistently promote policies and practices that ensure safe school environments. My top priority, however, is student and staff learning. As an educational system, we must be laser-focused on our continuous growth – this goes for students, staff, and myself as superintendent. Any individual or organization ceasing to learn begins to stagnate and decay. I want to help our students maximize their intellectual potential to become their very best, ultimately prepared for their next season of life beyond our school system. I also believe a school and school system should be a place where the adults learn as much as the students.

I recently unveiled a 100-day superintendent entry plan. That process, entitled Love to Learn; Learn to Lead, is designed to help me better understand the strengths and growth opportunities within our system. I encourage you, if time permits, to review that document and attend one of our scheduled events. You can also follow along this journey with me on Twitter at @cadebrumley. I’m looking forward to hosting a Twitter chat in the near future. This 100-day investment will better prepare me to make important leadership decisions as we move into the next school year and beyond. The plan already establishes five early commitments concerning areas like transforming our highest-need schools, gaining student perspective, improving educator compensation, building a graduate profile, and reviewing resource allocation within the existing budget.

I have already encountered pockets of excellence within this system as well as areas for refinement. I’ve also been impressed with some passionate students and employees. I look forward to tapping into the positives. I accepted this position because I believe we can improve – together. I want to add value to this system, particularly the students.

The end of the school year is near and many students are involved in statewide testing. This can be a time of high stress for students, staff, and parents alike. Let’s be supportive of each other right now, pat each other on the back, give a few high-fives or hugs, be willing to extend compliments, and finish out strong. The best is yet to come for JPPSS.

Dr. Cade Brumley