Message from Dr. Brumley: November 2018

The Louisiana Department of Education released district and school performance scores recently, and the results highlight what we already knew. We have schools and programs doing well, and we have others that need drastic improvement.

As a district, the Jefferson Parish Public School System was assigned a letter grade of “C.” Our district performance score of 70.6 dropped just over eight points from the previous year. These scores are based on last school year – not the current year – and mark the first time the state is using a more rigorous grading scale. As expected, scores across the state dipped.

Our number of “A” schools decreased by four, “B” schools dropped by six, “C” schools increased by 12, “D” schools fell by two, and “F” schools increased by two. Even with the more rigorous grading scale, five of our schools improved their score to a “C” or better. You can view your school’s score at

These new scores form a baseline of where we are and a foundation for our growth. We’re committed to improvement. We embarked on key reforms this year, supporting our leaders and teachers in getting stronger outcomes for students. We will improve by implementing best practices in education.

I’m optimistic about taking these results and working with everyone to improve outcomes for the 50,000 students in this system. I’ve invested considerable time with educators and leaders, and believe we have a unique opportunity to improve and be a proof point of what’s possible in American urban education.

Educators throughout Jefferson Parish are working hard each day to implement these best practices in the classroom. We understand the need to do better. As conscientious educators, we desire stronger outcomes for each child under our care. At this time next year, and under the new accountability formula, our goal is to be one of the most improved districts in Louisiana.

Together, we are doing the right things; there are just so many right things to do. We are employing every effort and strategy towards better outcomes for each child, family, and community. If you are a parent or community member, please partner with our schools and help them succeed. If you’re an employee, focus on continuous improvement and be better for kids with each passing day – I believe in you because I’ve seen the work you’re doing.

These scores represent our new origin, and excellence is our destination. The best is yet to come for Jefferson Parish Public Schools.