Message from Dr. Brumley: February 2019

When I became Jefferson Parish Schools Superintendent nearly a year ago, I was often asked “what is your vision for our district?” As I answered then, that was the wrong question. I wanted to work with this community to develop a vision – together. We held hundreds of community meetings, analyzed every data point imaginable about our kids, studied what’s working in districts across our nation, and visited dozens of schools and hundreds of classrooms. The end result is a bold, ambitious strategic plan that will require us to commit to our children in new ways. It’s called 2024: The Future Our Kids Deserve.

Our goals are ambitious. We’re not just eating the elephant one bite at a time, we’re taking it all at once. Our kids can’t wait. We must shift the trajectory of this system for their future. If successful, we’ll be an A-rated system within five years, our graduates will be prepared for career or college, and we’ll retain the best teachers and leaders for the best school system in the state. We will be a proof point for urban education.

When I was in elementary school, it was one of my teachers who gave me permission to move ahead and be a better me. Until then, nobody told me it was okay to move in a more positive direction with my life. I’m not sure anyone has given us – Jefferson Parish Schools – the permission to be better, greater, stronger. I’m unsure if anyone has told us, the largest system in Louisiana and the 98th largest in the nation, that we’re free to control our own destiny – and that we should.

2024 is about taking a hard look at our present reality, while defining a better tomorrow. We have that permission. A strong public school system benefits more than its kids, teachers, and families. A strong public school system also means a stronger economy, safer neighborhoods, higher property values, and families and businesses that move to Jefferson Parish and stay. Let’s use this game-plan for the next five years and play to win. This is our shot.