Meisler Student To Appear In Future Book By Skateboarding Star Tony Hawk

A Meisler Middle School student is set to become the next featured character in a book series by skateboarding star Tony Hawk after winning a national online contest.

7th grade student Autumn Bray is the national winner in an online contest at Tony Hawk’s website.  Bray’s female character/avatar Autumn Rose will be the next featured character in Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution book series that will be available in August 2013.

“I heard of the series and then my teacher told me about the contest and I entered because I am a huge Tony Hawk fan and I love skateboarding so I figured it would be a really cool and fun contest to enter,” said Bray.

Inspired by its action-adventure, sci-fi book series Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution, the contest invited students to create a unique and inspiring character to be the next member of the Revolution team, a group of teens on a quest to find the remaining pieces of Tony Hawk’s shattered skateboard.

Autumn’s imaginary character is a great student and athlete, active in many sports including cheerleading, softball, soccer, and skateboarding, but loves surfing most of all. Her character likes to try new things and to stand out from the crowd.

“We are inspired by the originality and imagination of all of our finalists and want to offer special congratulations to our winner, Autumn. She had a clear vision about the kind of fictional character she wanted to create and was able to effectively articulate her style and personality, which obviously resonated with readers. Her character is smart, confident, and daring – essential ingredients for the next Revolution team member,” said Capstone Group Publisher and General Manager Ashley Andersen Zantop.

Bray has won a trip to Tony Hawk’s Stand Up For Skateparks 2012 in Beverly Hills in October and a VIP pass to meet Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution book series features middle school-aged characters participating in skateboarding, snowboarding, and freestyle BMX.  A total of 24 books in the series is planned by Capstone Books.

Congratulations to Autumn Bray!