Eventful Meisler Morning Reinforces Culture, Honors First Responders

Meisler Middle students spent the final school day of Anti-Bullying Week learning how to maintain a positive campus culture and honoring a group of first responders for the role they serve at school and in the community.

Friday, October 2, was “Shade Out Bullying” day at Meisler Middle. Students wore sunglasses to symbolize their stance against bullying. A select group of about 100 students also took part in a pair of events planned around Anti-Bullying Week in the Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS). Those students began the morning in an interactive anti-bullying workshop led by school counselor Lisa Randall. That morning session also included a powerful speech from JPPSS Chief of Staff Germain Gilson.

“Bullying is real,” Gilson told the students gathered in the school’s library. “Every day there are people sitting at these tables, people along the wall, and you’re impacted by bullying every day.”

Following the morning workshop, those same students took part in a Blue Balloon Event to show their support and appreciation for law enforcement officers. Click through the gallery below to see and learn more about Meisler Middle’s eventful day.