Meet the JPPSS Outstanding School Support Employees of the Year

The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) named its Outstanding School Support Employees of the Year. The 2017-18 winners are C.T. Janet Elementary secretary Angela Diamond, Worley Middle paraprofessional Lula Hart, and Thomas Jefferson High cafeteria manager Mathilda Lepine.

The Outstanding School Support Employee Awards Program is run by the Louisiana Department of Education and provides an opportunity to honor an outstanding employee at the elementary, middle/junior high, and high school levels who supports and provides leadership in the operation of non-instructional activities within the school year.

Janet Elementary secretary Angela Diamond is the JPPSS Elementary Outstanding School Support Employee.

Along with serving as the secretary of C.T. Janet Elementary, Angela Diamond contributes to the school in many other ways. Diamond oversees the school’s hospitality committee, coordinates parties and events for the entire school family, and plays an active role organizing teacher appreciation week. She has built relationships with students, parents, faculty, and staff. Diamond even knows most students and parents on a first name basis.

“She keeps C.T. Janet running smoothly and she runs the office with a firm hand and a loving heart,” said C.T. Janet Elementary teacher Shanon Falcon. “Some students stop in the office just to say hello to her, which goes to show that the students love her just as much as she loves them.”

Worley Middle paraprofessional Lula Hart is the JPPSS Middle School Outstanding School Support Employee.

Worley Middle paraprofessional Lula Hart has been an educator at her school for 17 years. Proactive and professional, Hart assists students with the knowledge and skills of a certified teacher. Her care and concern for students extends beyond the classroom and into their communities. She has also found success collaborating with teachers and building a rapport with parents.

“She is an invaluable part of our team,” said Worley Middle principal Michelle Biagas. “She is a model for all paraprofessionals, and we treasure her presence at Worley more than she will ever know.”

Thomas Jefferson High cafe manager Mathilda Lepine is the JPPSS High School Outstanding School Support Employee.

Thomas Jefferson High cafeteria manager Mathilda “Mattie” Lepine understands the vital role her department plays in the entire school family. Her collaboration and flexibility with teachers and administrators assures that the students’ needs are priority number one. Lepine’s fair and courteous leadership style has led to a staff that works in unity and harmony. She also makes it a point  to learn the names of the students she serves each day.

“It is a pleasure to work with Ms. Mattie,” said Thomas Jefferson High principal Andrew Vincent. “She has the respect and admiration of our entire staff and we are fortunate to have her representing our school.”