Louisiana First Lady Brings Gifts to Bissonet Plaza

First graders at Bissonet Plaza Elementary recently had a very special visitor who came bearing gifts.

On January 17, Louisiana First Lady Supriya Jindal visited with teacher Monique Lemonie’s class of eager first grade students. She spoke to the students about the importance of math and science and its use in our everyday lives.

“Studies are showing that students lose interest in math and science somewhere around the second or third grade,” said Jindal. “We want to make sure that we build that solid foundation early and help students see that math and science is a lot of fun.”

“Both are so critical for careers and for job opportunities for the 21st century. We want to build that solid foundation so that the time they  progress to upper grades they are not intimidated by the subjects.”

With support from the Supriya Jindal Foundation for Louisiana’s Children and Verizon Wireless, two first grade classrooms at Bissonet were awarded a laptop, two tablets, a Promethean interactive whiteboard with speaker system and an interactive response system that will allow students to actively participate in the lesson along with all installation and instructor training for all teachers. The Jindal Foundation works to harness the power of technology in Louisiana classrooms, to emphasize the importance of science and math, and to help develop the Louisiana workforce of tomorrow.