Learning Lessons Through Dance

Dancers from Ballet Hispanico recently paid a visit to students at Chateau Elementary in Kenner to teach the basics of dance.

According to Jenny Hamilton, executive director of the New Orleans Ballet Association and workshop sponsor, a large part of their mission is to provide access to a quality dance education.

“We provide over 3,000 free dance classes to the community,” she said. “We bring in the world’s best professionals to work with students and to expose them to different cultures and different styles of dance.”

Chateau Estates Principal Colleen Winkler is thankful that her students had access to this creative opportunity.

“Dance tells a story and our children are learning storytelling through movement,” Winkler said.

Teachers participated as well, so that they could use dance movements during class time to re-energize the students with a two minute “brain break.”

“We have many cultures in our school, and [students] can see that dance is a universal language,” said Winkler. “They can say many things through movement that they can’t say through verbal or written expression.”