JPPSS Teacher Appreciation Week 2017

The Jefferson Parish Public School System celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week May 1-5, 2017. Our teachers change the lives of our nearly 50,000 students every day. Their work and impact extends well beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Join us during Teacher Appreciation Week to #JPPSSThankATeacher.

Let’s make Teacher Appreciation Week and the entire month of May special for as many teachers as possible. Many students write thank you notes to show their appreciation. Since we all are or have been students,  tell a teacher about the personal impact they have made in your life. If you choose to share your message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, use the hashtag #JPPSSThankATeacher. We’ll be on the lookout for messages to share on our own social media channels.

Click through our videos below to learn more about Teacher Appreciation Week in our district and hear from students about the teachers who have made a difference in their lives.