JPPSS Students Compete in Social Studies Fair

Joseph Watson of Livaudais Middle won first place for Individual Sociology.

The Jefferson Parish Public School System Social Studies Fair was held recently at John Ehret High. The following students placed in their respective categories, with the top two winners in each category qualifying for the Louisiana State Social Studies Fair in Lake Charles on March 3, 2017.


Individual Sociology
1st – Aidan Landry (Gretna No. 2)
2nd – Isabella Florek (Greenlawn Terrace)
3rd – Eli Thibodaux (Gretna No. 2)

Individual Political Science
1st – Isabelle DeGruy (Gretna No. 2)
2nd – Aiden Rosson (Gretna No. 2)

Airline Park Academy’s Demi Catalano and Kaylee Larrimer won first place for Group Sociology.

Individual Geography
1st – Gavin Richard (Gretna No. 2)
2nd – Farik Carbajal (Greenlawn Terrace)
3rd – Kinkaid Hinyup (Gretna No. 2)

Individual Anthropology
1st – Faith Patel (Airline Park)
2nd – Hannah Hoth (Gretna No. 2)
3rd – Srija Tamidela (Gretna No. 2)
3rd – Abdallah Jwayyed (Airline Park)

Individual History
1st – Siya Kumar (Airline Park)
2nd – Taylor Thompson (Alice Birney)
3rd – Giselle Perez (Greenlawn Terrace)

Individual Economics
1st – Ashley Phan (Airline Park)
2nd – Zoe Schexnayder (Airline Park)
3rd – Rashad Stevenson (Gretna No. 2)

Group Political Science
1st – Adeline Alcantar and Ava Pastor (Gretna No. 2)

Group Economics
1st – Jadden Esteen and Christian Polanco (Alice Birney)

Along with Kai Ferran, Brooke Casio won first place in Group History.

Group Sociology
1st – Demi Catalano and Kaylee Larrimer (Airline Park)
2nd – Drew Laughlin and Victoria O’Rourke (Gretna No. 2)

Group Geography
1st – Jared Camardelle and Jaci Camardelle (Gretna No. 2)
2nd – Genesis Foster and Isabella Musgrove (Gretna No. 2)

Group History
1st – Makayla Jayne and Gianna Falgoust (Airline Park)
2nd – Kai Ferran and Brooke Casio (Gretna No. 2)
3rd – Amelia Johnston and Jennah Quran (Gretna No. 2)


Individual Geography
1st – Yasin Judah (Livaudais)

Individual Sociology
1st – Joseph Watson (Livaudais)

Individual Anthropology
1st – Alaina Boyd (Roosevelt)
2nd – Julia Duong (Truman)

Individual History
1st – Emily Schmidt (Patrick Taylor)
2nd – Raquel Anguiano (Livaudais)
3rd – Winton Porter (Livaudais)


Individual History
1st – Emilee Gros (Jefferson Chamber)
2nd – Catherine Wertz (Patrick Taylor)