JPPSS Recommended for Accreditation


One of the numerous areas of praise for JPPSS in the recent AdvancED report was for safety measures such as Single Point of Entry, security cameras, and police officers at school sites.

The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) has been recommended to receive full accreditation, according to the results of a comprehensive system-wide assessment. AdvancED, a third-party educational evaluation group, delivered the results Thursday to the Jefferson Parish School Board. The schools are required to undergo an external review every five years.

Accreditors closely examined the school system over a three-day period, which included internal data reviews and meetings with 362 officials and community stakeholders. The external review team also observed 156 classrooms in eight schools before presenting its findings on exemplary practices and opportunities for growth.

Acting Superintendent Michelle Blouin-Williams said central office and school staff put in months of hard work preparing for the AdvancED visit.

“We are excited to host this team of evaluators because their in-depth analysis of our system will ultimately impact how we plan for the success of our students,” Blouin-Williams said.

JPPSS received a considerable amount of praise for its safety measures including Single Point of Entry, security cameras, and police officers at school sites. In addition, the external review team commended its movement from “D” to “B” classification in recent years.

Improvement priorities were also identified so that the district can better its practices. These include unified district-wide programs, a comprehensive curriculum, and better analysis of student data.

Blouin-Williams said leaders at all levels will carefully take the recommended steps outlined in the report into consideration.

“While we are glad to hear of our strengths, the improvement areas are valuable priorities to guide our work as we continue to build quality classrooms,” she said.

Twenty-one specific indicators across five AdvancED Standards inform how the system is rated for quality. The standards are: Purpose and Direction, Governance and Leadership, Teaching and Assessing for Learning, Resources and Support Systems, and Using Results for Continuous Improvement.

The School Board accepted the recommendation from AdvancED, and the Commission on Accreditation will make an official determination after review of the accreditation results within 30 days. Accreditation is good for five years.