JPPSS Receives Grant From Gates Foundation To Conduct Student Perception Surveys

The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) has been awarded a grant in the amount of $286,500 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fund the JPPSS Student Perception Initiative, which aims to increase educators’ access to real-time feedback on instruction through the use of student surveys.

“Research shows that student perception data is an extraordinary predictor of teacher effectiveness,” said Superintendent Dr. James Meza, Jr. “The use of student surveys through this initiative will provide our teachers with another layer of information to help improve instruction.”

The three-year initiative will be implemented in the district’s Transformation Network, a group of historically struggling schools with demonstrated capacity for improvement. The first phase of the initiative will begin by administering student perception surveys designed by the established vendor Tripod to more than 9,600 students. Based on the responses, the district will design and provide targeted professional development to the more than 440 teachers in the network.

After the three-year implementation of the Tripod survey, the Transformation Network will build on lessons learned to develop, test, and implement its own student perception survey that is directly aligned to Compass, the state’s teacher and principal evaluation system.

“We know that supporting our teachers in efforts to improve instructional practice is critical to raising student achievement,” said Dr. Meza. “The Student Perception Initiative will provide teachers with more information on how each individual child is learning, and it will allow the district to develop targeted training and professional development to make our teachers even more successful in the classroom.”