JPPSS Proposes Security Measures as Part of Comprehensive Safe Schools Program

The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) will propose several security measures to ensure a single point of entry into its school campuses at the upcoming school board meeting on March 5. The proposed security measures include repairing and replacing door locks, installing a camera and buzzer system at the single point of entry in all schools, and repairing and replacing perimeter fencing.

“This proposal is part of the district’s comprehensive Safe Schools Program, which aims to prevent crime and other security threats by using strategies that range from building design to discipline policies and programs that improve school climate,” said Superintendent Dr. James Meza, Jr. “We are partnering with our local and parish law enforcement, emergency medical services, and parish fire departments to ensure that our schools are safe environments for those who are on our campuses every day.”

Ensuring that all entryways and locking mechanisms are in working order in schools will cost an estimated $740,600. The installation of camera and buzzer systems and perimeter security fencing on all campuses will cost approximately $456,000 and $413,000, respectively. The total estimated cost of the proposed security measures is $1,609,600.

At its December meeting, the board approved a $5.4 million plan to install security cameras on each JPPSS campus as an initial project under the Safe Schools Program. With the guidance of campus leadership, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, municipal chiefs of police, fire district commanders, and security industry experts, JPPSS has already begun work on the installation of cameras. The district expects to complete all installations, along with the necessary staff training, by January 2015.

“It is imperative our children know that they are secure in their environment,” said Meza. “Through our Safe Schools Program, we are continuing to create a safe school climate for everyone in our schools.”