JPPSS Launches Student Progress Center September 25

The Jefferson Parish Public School System is on schedule to debut its new student information system to parents.

Starting September 25, parents of students in grades 1-12 can access their child’s school information through the Student Progress Center. Until this school year, parents accessed a program called Parent Portal to view student info. The Student Progress Center allows parents to monitor attendance, grades, teacher notices, and other school data.

Parents no longer have to go through their child’s school to set up their account. A link to the Student Progress Center will be available on the district website and on all of the district’s school websites. The “Student Progress Center” link will appear at the bottom of JPPSS websites under “Parents.”

The district is mailing a letter home to parents of students in grades 6-12 with instructions on how to create a Student Progress Center account. The letter will also include names of parents/guardians who are authorized to create an account. That letter will be sent home with students in grades 1-5.

Click here to view a generic version of the parent letter. Below are directions for accessing the Student Progress Center.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the site and under “PARENTS” click on the “Student Progress Center”.
  3. On the Student Progress Center site, right side, click “Register New User”. A webpage asking for “Relationship”, “Last Name”, “First Name”, and “PSN Number” will be displayed.
  4. Use your information printed at the bottom of your letter to enter your information in the fields, and then click “Continue”.
  5. A page to create your login and password will appear, along with security questions in case the password is forgotten.
  6. After completing the account information, you will be directed to the start screen.
  7. Click your child`s picture icon to view details such as grades, attendance, test scores, transcripts, etc…
  8. To access the Help system: Click “Help” on the login page, OR, in the student listing page, on the far right, “Action” then “Help”.

If you have trouble creating an account, please carefully check the information above and try again. If it does not work after carefully checking the information, contact your child’s school.