JPPSS Employees to Receive One-Time Stipend for 2013-14 School Year

The Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) has announced that it will provide a one-time stipend for its employees working 20 hours or more with funds made available by the state Legislature and school board. Classroom-certified teachers will receive a lump sum of $440, while all other staff working 20 hours or more will receive $200.

“The stipend for classroom-certified teachers comes from the state allocation of approximately $1.65 million, which we divided equally among our teachers to cover the stipend and related TRSL benefit costs,” said Superintendent Dr. James Meza Jr. “The decision to also pay stipends to other staff was made by the school board when they approved the budget for the 2013-14 school year, which included the funds to provide this extra salary benefit.”

The $200 stipend will be paid to 3,076 other employees in the district, ranging from paraprofessionals, custodians, and clerks to principals, deans, and food services workers, totaling approximately $808,000 for the stipend and related benefits.

The $440 stipend will be paid to 2,866 classroom-certified teachers.

“We know the stipend amounts are modest and smaller than the teachers and staff deserve for the wonderful work they have done and continue to do for our students and schools,” said Meza. “As a district, we will continue to find ways, given our budgetary realities, to show our thanks and to recognize them for who they are – the heroes of our school system.”

The stipend will be made payable as a lump sum as part of the December 13 paycheck to employees.