JPPSS Announces Three Partnerships to Provide Support to Teachers and Schools

The Jefferson Parish Public School System announced partnerships with three organizations to provide support to teachers, students, and schools. The partner organizations, Leading Educators, The Achievement Network (ANet), and The Learning Institute (TLI), will provide the district with a range of services, including teacher leader training, interim assessments and tools, and data-driven coaching.

“As a district, we are committed to providing our teachers and schools with the tools and support necessary to meet the needs of every student,” said Superintendent Dr. James Meza, Jr. “These partnerships are part of a comprehensive district plan to ensure our teachers have access to the resources and training they need to improve their practice and raise student achievement.”

Leading Educators, a nonprofit organization that partners with schools and districts to train teachers leaders, will provide training and coaching to selected JPPSS staff in the Turnaround and Transformation Networks to support the district’s efforts toward Common Core readiness. The partnership with Leading Educators is supported by the Believe and Succeed grant from the Louisiana Department of Education recently awarded to JPPSS to aid the district’s struggling schools.

The school board also approved an expansion of the district’s existing partnership with ANet, a national nonprofit organization that has supported JPPSS since 2011 through interim assessments, coaching on data-driven strategies, and facilitating collaboration between schools. Based on demand from principals and staff, JPPSS will increase the number of schools receiving ANet support from 24 schools in the 2012-13 school year to 36 schools in the 2013-14 school year.

“Our partnership with ANet has been crucial to building a positive school culture that increases both teacher and student motivation and performance,” said Elizabeth Wren, principal of Johnson-Gretna Park Elementary School, an ANet partner school. “ANet is a powerful tool that ensures we identify student needs, set ambitious yet achievable goals, and then take instructional actions that will increase achievement.”

Finally, the district will renew its contract with TLI to provide interim assessments and data support to JPPSS schools. TLI has been providing interim assessments to JPPSS students since 2006. In addition, TLI maintains all historical statewide test data for the district via The Learning Institute’s Portal.

“These three organizations are valuable partners for the district whose services will help teachers build their understanding of the Common Core and ultimately, improve student performance and achievement,“ said Meza. “Students, teachers, and schools will benefit from this support.”