JPPSS Announces Dates for Open and Annual Enrollment

The Jefferson Parish Public School System’s Open and Annual Enrollment provides employees the opportunity to elect, cancel, and make changes to their health and supplemental insurance coverage.

Open Enrollment is open now through Wednesday, November 7, 2018. During this time employees will restate, elect, or make changes to their supplemental (dental, vision, life, accident, cancer, flexible spending account, etc.) insurance coverage. Additionally, if an employee would like to move any of their coverage to pre-tax or post-tax status, this can be completed during open enrollment. All employees that work 20 or more hours a week should complete Open Enrollment.

Open Enrollment will take place at all JPPSS schools and central office sites. Employees can attend Open Enrollment at any site, but employees may have a longer wait at a non-home location.

Employees wishing to elect or make changes to their Office of Group Benefits (OGB) health and life insurance will need to schedule an appointment with our Insurance Department at 504-349-8564. OGB will allow enrollment changes from October 1, 2017-November 15, 2018. All appointments will be held at the Administration Building (501 Manhattan Blvd, Harvey, LA).

Photo Identification (school ID, drivers’ license, etc) is required for Open and Annual Enrollment. Please present your identification to the representative at the time of your enrollment.

All elections and changes made during Open and Annual Enrollment will be effective January 1, 2019. Employees’ current insurance coverage elections will continue until December 31, 2018.